Montag, Oktober 31, 2011

Difficult decission

With prognosed fog along the coast line, we decided to land.


Due to unfavorable wind predictions we decided to land with 180kg of sand. We did not consider it as safe to continue. But it was a beautiful flight.

Impressions of Frankonia

Nürnberg in Fog

Very clear night, where we had the forcasted direction change. Hohenfels US shooting range let us pass at 5000 or above, which made our life a bit easier. In opposite Grafenwöhr US shooting range did not allow a crossing this time, since they are habing some air-to-ground shooting going on. So we had to play a little bit to get around it. Now we are in the airspace of Nürnberg Airport, but with nice controllers it i no problem at all.

Sonntag, Oktober 30, 2011

24 hours completed ....

Jellyfish in the air

Uneventful day 1

After flying through a beautiful night with falling stars, we are having a calm day. Had some little excitment because of the US restricted area "Grafenwöhr" - but at the end they were nice and let us fly across.
There is some fog below and some cloud well above us, so there is not much to see or take pictures of right now